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LORD OF GIANT - Dust Demon / Woman 7

LORD OF GIANT - Dust Demon / Woman 7"
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Nur 6,00 €
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WOLVESPIRIT - Dreamcatcher (grün) LP
WOLVESPIRIT - Dreamcatcher (grün) LP
Statt 18,00 €
Nur 15,00 €
Sie sparen 17 %
VIBRAVOID - Gravity Zero CD
VIBRAVOID - Gravity Zero CD
Statt 14,00 €
Nur 7,00 €
Sie sparen 50 %
WE INSIST! - The Babel Inside Was Terrible CD
WE INSIST! - The Babel Inside Was Terrible CD
Statt 13,00 €
Nur 5,00 €
Sie sparen 62 %
DEXTER JONES CIRCUS ORCHESTRA - If Light Can´t Save Us, I Know Darkness Will LP

HURRICANE HEART ATTACKS - Incredible Machine (tangerine) LP

HURRICANE HEART ATTACKS -  Incredible Machine (tangerine) LP

25,00 €

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Art.Nr.: SCOTCH-001-Tan

"HURRICANE HEART ATTACKS are a conglomerate of beings who fell from the sky, landing in Argentina and throughout the hills of South America. Their mission? Spread cosmic enlightenment throughout the universe. Their tools? Condensed energy fed through cable wires, amps and speakers by way of acid-laced drone, head-numbing grooves and transcendental lyrical accompaniment. It doesn’t just reach for the clouds…it pulls them out of the sky.
Fans of Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Black Angels will find this album the perfect new medication to calm their Grammy-induced fevers. Only 300 on red and black, tangerine and black wax are available, so if the spirit moves you, you’re only a click away. This marks Scotch Recordings first release, so congrats to them for a super outstanding beginning."

Review auf Chromaticism

Limitierte Auflage von 100 Kopien auf transparent orangenem Vinyl!

  1. Signal
  2. Tangerine
  3. Have You Heard?
  4. Radiotelescope
  5. Devil's Eyes
  6. Antenna
  7. CCTV
  8. Looking Glass

Label: Scotch Recordings

Release: 06.04.2016

Lieferezeit: am Lager

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