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BONGZILLA - Methods For Attaining Extreme Altitudes (Picture Disc) LP

BONGZILLA - Methods For Attaining Extreme Altitudes (Picture Disc) LP
Statt 30,00 €
Nur 26,00 €
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ORCHID - Herectic EP CD
ORCHID - Herectic EP CD
Statt 10,00 €
Nur 5,00 €
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LAMAGAIA - Lamagaius (purple) LP
LAMAGAIA - Lamagaius (purple) LP
Statt 24,00 €
Nur 21,00 €
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YURI GAGARIN -  Sea Of Dust 10
YURI GAGARIN - Sea Of Dust 10"
Statt 19,00 €
Nur 15,00 €
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SENDELICA - The Satori In Elegance of the Majestic Stonegazer (purple) LP

DEAD ENDS, THE - Deeper The Dark The Brighter We Shine LP

DEAD ENDS, THE - Deeper The Dark The Brighter We Shine LP

19,00 €

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Art.Nr.: SERBLA 041
"Filled with lysergic keys, open-space grooves and addictive, folk-tingued melodies, "Deeper the Dark the Brighter We Shine" is among the year's most pleasant surprises and a must for any psych aficionado. THE DEAD ENDS are a psychedelic rock trio from Kavala, Greece.
The band was formed in 2015. They have expanded their live performance experience having toured extensively around north Greece as well as sharing a stage with bands like The Black Angels, The Last Drive, Headquake, Re-Stoned and many more.
In spring 2017 they recorded their debut album entitled "Deeper the dark, the brighter we shine", which will be released on vinyl by Sound Effect Records. Influenced by Aphrodites Child, The Doors, Velvet Underground and Pink Floyd and equally inspired by early shoegaze and traditional Greek music, their sound is a sonic amalgamation of expanding melodies and powerful rhythmic motifs, paired with lyrical allegories, resulting in their own neo-psychedelic soundscape."

Limitierte Auflage von 200 Kopien auf schwarzem Vinyl!


  1. Memory Ship (sails At Dawn)
  2. Second Life
  3. Narri - E Narri - O
  4. Oracle
  5. Black Kiss
  6. Consecrated Cause
  7. Ludomania
  8. Bardo
  9. Peter 2.18

Label: Sound Effect

Release: 17.11.2017

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