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BORIS - Heavy Rocks (2011) CD

BORIS - Heavy Rocks (2011) CD
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DEAD MAN - Dead Man CD
DEAD MAN - Dead Man CD
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CAPTAIN CRIMSON - Dancing Madly Backwards CD
CAPTAIN CRIMSON - Dancing Madly Backwards CD
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JEX THOTH - Circles 7
JEX THOTH - Circles 7"
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ALPHA OMEGA - Down The Gravity Well LP

ALPHA OMEGA - Down The Gravity Well LP

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Art.Nr.: CR 009
"ALPHA OMEGA came into being circa 1999 with their first recordings released in 2001 as 'The Electronic Mind Project'. The following year ALPHA OMEGA hosted the Terra Australis festival and a live recording was released. The show is available as a free download from During 2003 ALPHA OMEGA were asked to appear on a tribute album to fellow space travellers Hawkwind. Their contribution to the collection ('Daze Of The Underground - A Tribute To Hawkwind') was a rendition of 'Reefer Madness'.
ALPHA OMEGA continued playing and working toward their next release 'The Psychedelometer'. The album is a concept piece which tells the story of AO's fight with the Vortigern council and their strict regulation of sound in the universe. The album has contributions from friends of the band including Gongs Daevid Allen. New bass player Greg joined the band shortly afterward. The next release from the band (2009) was the 7" vinyl 'We Are The Parasites' b/w 'The Rock'. Guest vocalist Leisha joined the band for the Hawkwind cover 'Transdimensional Paradox'. Released on Fruits De Mer Records (2011) The following month saw and the arrival of new Bass player David. ALPHA OMEGA album 'Down The Gravity Well' is set for imminent release. ALPHA OMEGA are guaranteed to satisfy fans of the Hawkwind school of Space Rock."

Limiterte Auflage von 200 Kopien auf schwarzem 180 Gramm Vinyl! Hochglanz-Klappcover, handnummeriert, inkl. 3 Postkarten!

  1. Down the Gravity Well
  2. Follow Me
  3. Excession
  4. Polydream
  5. Subsequent Retraction
  6. Atmosphere of Decay
  7. Tranquil
  8. Verzweiflung
  9. I Believe in UFOs

Label: Clostridium

Release: 02.09.2013

Lieferzeit: am Lager

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