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DOOMRAISER - Mountains Of Madness LP

DOOMRAISER - Mountains Of Madness LP
Statt 18,00 €
Nur 14,00 €
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EYEHATEGOD - Preaching The Endtime Message LP
EYEHATEGOD - Preaching The Endtime Message LP
Statt 20,00 €
Nur 17,00 €
Sie sparen 15 %
KYUSS - Wretch CD
KYUSS - Wretch CD
Statt 12,00 €
Nur 9,00 €
Sie sparen 25 %
SETTING SON, THE - Before I Eat My Eyes & Ears LP + CD
SETTING SON, THE - Before I Eat My Eyes & Ears LP + CD
Statt 16,00 €
Nur 13,00 €
Sie sparen 19 %
WINO & CONNY OCHS - Heavy Kingdom LP
WINO & CONNY OCHS - Heavy Kingdom LP
Statt 17,00 €
Nur 14,00 €
Sie sparen 18 %

TONER LOW - Toner Low (orange) DLP

TONER LOW - Toner Low (orange) DLP

26,00 €

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Art.Nr.: WHD 001col
"Finally the debut album by Dutch psychedelic doomstoners TONER LOW will get its long awaited reissue on limited double vinyl in November 2012 on White Dwarf (Berlin, Germany).
Originally released in June 2005 on cd by the bandmember's DIY-label Roadkill Rekordz, the vinyl version of this classic piece of one of Holland's finest stonerdoom releases got first available in December 2006
at Freebird. The double album sold out quickly, but demand for it from the world-wide stonerdoom scene never waned. Luckily White Dwarf now decided to listen to those demands and gives TONER LOW's self-titled debut its much deserved re-release.

TONER LOW started the recordings of their first album in a studio in Leiden in June 2004, laying down the drumtracks. Guitars, bass, vocals, samples and sounds were added in several periods in 2004 and 2005. Early June 2005 mastering took place at Electric City in Brussels by the legendary Alan Ward (Astrosoniq, Cowboys & Aliens, Within Temptation and many others). TONER LOW's debut double album takes its listener on a 54-minutes doomed stoner trip through heavy guitars, slow-riding drums, long instrumental riffing, low-frequency bassparts, distorted vocals, repetitive hypnotizing themes, psychedelic sound effects, alienating samples and minimalistic soundscapes. All elements combined create an album that sounds close to unique and has to be listened to as one journey, kicking off with the upcoming feedback and coming to a close in audio-psychedelica."

Limitierte Auflage von 100 Kopien auf orangenem 180 Gramm Vinyl! Klappcover mit Prägung!

  1. Devilbot
  2. Grass
  3. Interlude
  4. Murphy
  5. Sunn Of...
  6. Nymrod

Label: White Dwarf

Release: 02.11.2012

Lieferzeit: ausverkauft

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