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OL SCRATCH - The Sunless Citadel CD

OL SCRATCH - The Sunless Citadel CD
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ORCHID - Through The Devil's Doorway LP
ORCHID - Through The Devil's Doorway LP
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CREMATORY - Revolution CD
CREMATORY - Revolution CD
Statt 8,00 €
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MOTORPSYCHO - Black Hole/Blank Canvas (Ltd.) DCD
MOTORPSYCHO - Black Hole/Blank Canvas (Ltd.) DCD
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Statt 14,00 €
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PROPANE PROPANE - Indigo (weiß) LP

PROPANE PROPANE - Indigo (weiß) LP

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Art.Nr.: CR 005w
"PROPANE PROPANE, the heavy and fuzzed out "stonerrock" band where founded in late 2008. The band is based in the southern parts of Sweden, in the deep windy but beautiful woods of Småland, a small town band with the ambition to play good music when the rest of the mainstream music business keeps knocking at that same old worn out and tedious door. A couple of guys who collectively embraced and found sanctification in the warm, heavy and groovy sound of bands such as Kyuss, Dozer, Electric Wizard, Sleep, Truckfigthers and Earth but also the heavy psychedelic world of the 60-70's The year of 2009 we released a self-titled ep containing six tracks. The uptempo and energetic songs "Dazed Planet" was featured in the Swedish documentary film "Bastardjudges!" and the more laid back and lazy track "It's Alright" ended up on the compilation Cowbells and Cobwebs in 2010 (released by: PlanetFuzz Records,AU). In late 2009 Emanuel Lundberg (Lead Guitar) left the band for studies in Mexico City but the Propane continues as a three piece band. In August 2010 Propane stated that they will start the recording of their first full-length album, Indigo. The album was originally to be released in spring/summer 2011 via Planetfuzz Records, but due to personal issues at PlanetfuzzRecords the record got heavily delay and eventually Propane left the label and started to look for another one. 2011 the great guitarist Rickard Swahn gets sanctified into the Propane-clan and restores the band back into a four-piece act. The band also releases a "never-ending-online-rare-and-weird-tracks-compilaton: "An All Kinds Of Weird Shit Hits Collection" Continuously updated and available for FREE at: The year 2012 will be the year of an epic lable-co-release of the "indigo" vinyl. A MASSIVE 10 track album with all from uptempo hits to mind-crushing weight. "A awesome mix-tape with all the good elements of fuzz-rock, stonerrock and 70's rock" 2012 will be THE year for Propane Propane. Bear with us brothers and sisters and GET MIGHTY FUNKY NOW!"

Limitierte Auflage von 200 Kopien auf weißem 180 Gramm Vinyl! Handnummeriertes Klappcover mit Beiblatt!

  1. A.N.T
  2. Aquatic
  3. Cosmic Hideout
  4. Food Of The Gods
  5. Indigo
  6. Kometh
  7. Purple Sun
  8. Return Of The Burning Son
  9. Rise
  10. Truth
Label: Clostridium

Release: 01.06.2012

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