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BLACK PYRAMID / ODYSSEY - Split (col.) 7

BLACK PYRAMID / ODYSSEY - Split (col.) 7"
Statt 11,00 €
Nur 8,50 €
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STARCHILD - Starchild CD
STARCHILD - Starchild CD
Statt 13,00 €
Nur 5,00 €
Sie sparen 62 %
BARDO POND - Peace On Venus CD
BARDO POND - Peace On Venus CD
Statt 15,00 €
Nur 8,00 €
Sie sparen 47 %
Statt 15,00 €
Nur 7,50 €
Sie sparen 50 %
OCEAN, THE - Pelagial (Instrumental) 2 x 10
OCEAN, THE - Pelagial (Instrumental) 2 x 10"
Statt 23,00 €
Nur 12,00 €
Sie sparen 48 %

MYSTIC SIVA - Mystic Siva (col.) LP

MYSTIC SIVA - Mystic Siva (col.) LP

22,00 €

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Art.Nr.: WIS 016col
"It's the rebirth of MYSTIC SIVA, who are without any doubt one of the ultimate US heavy psychedelic underground bands from the earliest 1970s. Finally, this album is now available with a more superior sound than anyone of us could ever have expected. The original album release featured guitar overdubs on three tracks, done with the intention to give the sound more power. However, the band wasn't entirely happy with the result. This LP is remastered and remixed from the ORIGINAL tapes, with all the original guitar parts! Indeed, this version of the 'Mystic Siva' album sounds the way it was meant to be! The four Sivas took '60s hippie/garage/psychedelic rock music to a darker and higher level of intensity. While the slower, atmospheric tunes remind of The Doors, Jimi Hendrix or Iron Butterfly, the heavy cuts are unexpectedly crazy, mind blowing and hypnotic, with flashes of the later upcoming rural 1980s thrash punk/metal vibe. NOW, after 43 years, these original album recordings express the challenging and inventive concept and the pure beauty of MYSTIC SIVA's music at their best. Eleven original songs with a total running time of 46 minutes."

Limitierte Auflage auf transparent orangenem Vinyl! Klappcover, inklusive Poster!

  1. Keeper Of The Keys
  2. And When You Go
  3. Eyes Have Seen Me
  4. Come On Closer
  5. Sunshine Is Too Long
  6. Spinning A Spell
  7. Supernatural Mind
  8. Find Out Why
  9. Magic Luv
  10. Touch The Sky
  11. In A Room

Label: World In Sound

Release: 24.01.2014

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