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BLACK PYRAMID - Stormbringer CD

BLACK PYRAMID - Stormbringer CD
Statt 12,00 €
Nur 6,00 €
Sie sparen 50 %

BEYOND-O-MATIC - Relations At The Borders Between CD
BEYOND-O-MATIC - Relations At The Borders Between CD
Statt 15,00 €
Nur 7,00 €
Sie sparen 53 %
DAWN BAND, THE - Agents Of Sentimentality CD
DAWN BAND, THE - Agents Of Sentimentality CD
Statt 13,00 €
Nur 5,00 €
Sie sparen 62 %
CARLTON MELTON - Hidden Lights (klar) 12
CARLTON MELTON - Hidden Lights (klar) 12"
Statt 21,00 €
Nur 19,00 €
Sie sparen 10 %
Statt 14,00 €
Nur 7,00 €
Sie sparen 50 %

JOY - Under The Spell Of Joy (orange) LP

JOY - Under The Spell Of Joy (orange) LP

18,00 €

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Art.Nr.: TPE-168-1-or

"The sound of JOY has been described as "a spaced-out sonic groove-ride" and "outer reach freak out", but that hyperbole alone doesn't do justice to the group's measured mode of attack. JOY puts a premium on establishing both structure and dynamics, its kaleidoscopic flurry and full-throttle riffage is anchored by both subtle detail and surprising textural depth. Record Collector says that JOY "take the blues about as far out as they can stretch 'em and they're far more psychedelic than a band like Blue Cheer ever was, even in their most lysergic moments," a claim that can be debated by those whom have seen JOY share the stage with acts such as Dead Meadow, Harsh Toke, Hot Lunch, Sacri Monti and at last year's well-documented west coast tour with psychedelic giants (and new labelmates) Earthless.
Special guests on Under the Spell of Joy include Nik Turner (Hawkwind), Parker Griggs (Radio Moscow) and Brian Ellis."

Limitierte Auflage auf orangenem Vinyl! Inklusive Download Card!

  1. Under the Spell
  2. Miles Away
  3. Confusion
  4. Evil
  5. One More Time
  6. Driving Me Insane
  7. Death Hymn Blues
  8. Back to the Sun

Label: Tee Pee

Release: 21.08.2014

Lieferzeit: 2-4 Wochen

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