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ROTOR - Festsaal Kreuzberg (Live) CD

ROTOR - Festsaal Kreuzberg (Live) CD
Statt 13,00 €
Nur 9,00 €
Sie sparen 31 %

BRUTUS - Personal Riot 7
BRUTUS - Personal Riot 7"
Statt 9,00 €
Nur 7,00 €
Sie sparen 22 %
POSTURES - Postures CD
POSTURES - Postures CD
Statt 15,00 €
Nur 10,00 €
Sie sparen 33 %
EARTH - Hex: Or Printing In The Infernal Method CD
EARTH - Hex: Or Printing In The Infernal Method CD
Statt 16,00 €
Nur 11,00 €
Sie sparen 31 %
KONGH - Counting Heartbeats (pink/white) DLP
KONGH - Counting Heartbeats (pink/white) DLP
Statt 20,00 €
Nur 16,00 €
Sie sparen 20 %

HEY COLOSSUS - The Guillotine LP

HEY COLOSSUS - The Guillotine LP

22,00 €

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Art.Nr.: Launch 115
"HEY COLOSSUS's latest transmission 'The Guillotine' marks another peak for an innovative force in the realm of heavy amplification.
Darker and more brooding than their recent work, it's also perhaps their most richly melodic to date - the interplay of their three guitar lineup has never sounded more fluent than on these eight songs, nor their songcraft more well-defined.
This is a record whose alchemical charge arrives from a reinvention of loud rock shapes into forms both feral and fresh - whilst HEY COLOSSUS can still bludgeon with overamped vigour, as on the hypnotic and devastating krautrock-Jesus-Lizard hybrid of ack In The Room' they can also deliver the haunting waltz-time serenade of alenture Boy' with uncompromising fortitude, with the new-found confidence and allure of Paul Sykes' vocals at the forefront."

Die-Cut Cover mit roter Innenhülle! Inklusive Download Card!


  1. Honest To God
  2. Back In The Room
  3. Calenture Boy
  4. Experts Toll
  5. Potions
  6. Englishman
  7. In A Collision
  8. The Guillotine

Label: Rocket Recordings

Release: 02.06.2017

Lieferzeit: 1-2 Wochen


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