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GINGER - Seahorse CD

GINGER - Seahorse CD
Statt 13,00 €
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OMEGA MASSIF - Geisterstadt + Kalt DCD
OMEGA MASSIF - Geisterstadt + Kalt DCD
Statt 18,00 €
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RACKET - God Of Fire CD
RACKET - God Of Fire CD
Statt 14,00 €
Nur 10,50 €
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SATURNALIA TEMPLE - Golachab / Dhamballah LP
SATURNALIA TEMPLE - Golachab / Dhamballah LP
Statt 17,00 €
Nur 14,00 €
Sie sparen 18 %
ABRAHMA - Through The Dusty Paths Of Our Lives DLP
ABRAHMA - Through The Dusty Paths Of Our Lives DLP
Statt 29,00 €
Nur 24,00 €
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HEADS, THE - Nobody Knows DLP

HEADS, THE - Nobody Knows DLP

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"THE HEADS reissued their 2000 album "Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere" in full remastered / deluxe boxset glory, and to much acclaim.
In the boxset, they added a 70 minute Compact Disc of demos, unheard versions etc of material pre -2000 recorded in the rehearsal room on a walkman.
For RSD 2015, and to celebrate their rare live performances at Roadburn 2015, Simon Price has taken the material he edited for the bonus CD, and added more tracks to the pot.
With the mastering expertise / tape polishing skills of Shawn Joseph, Price has created a warts'n'all document of the time in the heads' rehearsal space just prior to the making / construction of the Every Knows album.
This double LP is 10 tracks of THE HEADS in their element, raw and alive in the rehearsal room prior to 2000, tracks being formed, prototype HEADS' riffs in the sonic gloop.
Hear this era of THE HEADS in its speaker blowing, walkman warping glory, a true psychedelic rock morass.
Wrapped in a Simon Price sleeve, a gatefold sleeve to boot! naturally! A "fin de seicle" of sorts, "Nobody Knows" is a closing chapter, a sonic glossary to the band's Everybody Knows' legacy."

Limitierte Auflage von 1200 Kopien auf schwarzem Vinyl! Inklusive Poster!

  1. Move Yr Spacecar
  2. Bag It (Slack Babbath)
  3. Kraut Byrds 7/8
  4. Hey, Hey
  5. Canned Pt3
  6. F@zz
  7. Less Of More
  8. Move Yr Spacecar Dub ?
  9. Waht?
  10. Long Goner 1/4

Label: Rooster

Release: 18.04.2015


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