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DxBxSx - Kriegserklärung 12
DxBxSx - Kriegserklärung 12"
Statt 17,00 €
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WITCH MOUNTAIN - Mobile Of Angels (grün) LP
WITCH MOUNTAIN - Mobile Of Angels (grün) LP
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OBIAT - Eye Tree Pi CD
OBIAT - Eye Tree Pi CD
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ZONE SIX / VESPERO - The Split Thing CD
ZONE SIX / VESPERO - The Split Thing CD
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GINGER - Seahorse (klar) LP

GINGER - Seahorse (klar) LP

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"Ginger have been active for 5 years now, following their mission: to revive the electric blues in the 21st century. After a much regarded debute "Going Through Arlanda" which was released in 2010, they now present you with their new creation: "Seahorse". Seahorse features a broad variety of different songs and styles, convincing with athmospheric compositions, subtle arrangements and densely woven soundwalls. Featuring a couple of professional and amateur guest musicians on the organ, the cello and the vocals, "Seahorse" is Gingers most elaborate studio work so far. These 10 songs ranging from soundscapes to dylanesque storytelling will take you on a musical trip through the depth of the seas (Seahorse), race at the speed of sound over the Mojave Desert (Yeager), lead and comfort you through the darkest hours (No More, Painful Hours) or letting you escape from a narrow minded small-town into an adventurous new life (200 Horses, Wild Bill)."

Klares 180 Gramm Vinyl!

  1. Yeager
  2. The Wheel
  3. Painful Hours
  4. 200 Horses
  5. Father
  6. I Don't Know
  7. No More
  8. Wild Bill
  9. Seahorse
  10. Inside I'm Free

Label: Taliesyn Productions

Release: 07.10.2011

Lieferzeit: am Lager

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