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V/A - The Reverb Conspiracy - Volume III (weiß) DLP

V/A - The Reverb Conspiracy - Volume III (weiß) DLP
Statt 38,00 €
Nur 32,00 €
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SATURNIA - Hydrophonic Gardening CD
SATURNIA - Hydrophonic Gardening CD
Statt 13,00 €
Nur 6,50 €
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OBRERO - Mortui Vivos Docent LP
OBRERO - Mortui Vivos Docent LP
Statt 19,00 €
Nur 9,50 €
Sie sparen 50 %
TRUCKFIGHTERS - Universe 2 x 10
TRUCKFIGHTERS - Universe 2 x 10"
Statt 24,00 €
Nur 19,00 €
Sie sparen 21 %
SEREMONIA - Seremonia LP
SEREMONIA - Seremonia LP
Statt 17,00 €
Nur 14,00 €
Sie sparen 18 %

DARK SUN - Feed Your Mind (blau) DLP

DARK SUN - Feed Your Mind (blau) DLP

25,00 €

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Art.Nr.: SRP 034-C
"DARK SUN were Finland’s premier Space Rock band in the 1990s. The band recorded a number of demos, a 7” record and this one full length record in 1996, released in 1997 on CD. The band was very inspired by Hawkwind and also recorded a live album (Ice Ritual on Burnt Hippie Recordings) with Nik Turner. Nik has also made guest appearances on a number of other recordings with the band as well.
While the band stopped performing as a live band in 2005, they have continued to release a number of limited edition CD-Rs and appeared on various compilations (Check the bandcamp site).
This is the first time that ‘Feed your Mind’ has appeared on vinyl. Enjoy this Finnish space rock classic. Amazing record.. The Side D includes some bonus material."

Limitierte Auflage von 300 Kopien auf blauem 180 Gramm Vinyl! Handnummeriertes Klappcover!


  1. Tiny the Man
  2. Feed Your Mind
  3. Black Spires
  4. Our Man Inside
  5. Astral Magic
  6. Phantastica
  7. Abduction Files
  8. The Next Step
  9. Time-Space Continuum (from "Metazoon")
  10. The Epic World of Captain Gizmo (from "Copenhagen Space Rock Festival 2002")
  11. Electrified feat. Nik Turner (from "Copenhagen Space Rock Festival 2002")

Label: Space Rock Productions

Release: 13.05.2016

Lieferzeit: am Lager

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