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BXI - Boris & Ian Astbury LP

BXI - Boris & Ian Astbury LP
Statt 18,00 €
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SATURNIA - Alpha - Omega - Alpha DCD
SATURNIA - Alpha - Omega - Alpha DCD
Statt 15,00 €
Nur 7,50 €
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LENTO - Anxiety Despair Languish LP
LENTO - Anxiety Despair Languish LP
Statt 20,00 €
Nur 16,00 €
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DEXTER JONES CIRCUS ORCHESTRA - If Light Can´t Save Us, I Know Darkness Will LP
ORCHID - Through The Devil's Doorway (orange) LP
ORCHID - Through The Devil's Doorway (orange) LP
Statt 25,00 €
Nur 21,00 €
Sie sparen 16 %

ADRIFT - Black Heart Bleeds Black DLP

ADRIFT - Black Heart Bleeds Black DLP

Statt 23,00 €
Nur 19,00 €
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"With 'Black Black Heart Bleeds' ADRIFT reaches its zenith composition, with a clarity of ideas in the development of the new songs that reflects his stunning ability to provoke emotion. With longer tracks clocking around 10 minutes, instrumental interludes and a perfectly structured topics, ADRIFT have composed a monumental work of contemporary metal. ADRIFT's music has been compared to bands like Neurosis, Coalesce, Kyuss, Sonic Youth, Tool, Iron Monkey or Darkthrone.  Band has been playing relentlessly, sharing the bill, among others, with bands like Cult Of Luna, Yaphet Koto, Moksha, Mold, Wolves in the Throne Room, El Páramo or Machetazo. Recorded again with Carlos Santos at Sadman Studios and mastered by James Plotkin, ADRIFT can boast of having achieved an absolutely devastating sound. 'Mallet Man' has been chosen as 'single' to present the new work, being also the chosen track for their upcoming video clip presentation, a seamless metal work, and one of the most prominent ones of the new album. Confirmed for Resurrection Fest and Costa de Fuego (w/ At the Gates, Suicidal Tendencies, Opeth, Katatonia... among others)."

Limitierte Auflage von 300 Kopien auf schwarzem Vinyl! Schweres Klapcover!


  1. The Soldier Of My Words
  2. Black Heart Bleeds Black
  3. Wolves Searching Dams
  4. Waves
  5. Mallet Man
  6. Erich Zann Environment
  7. Fury Roof
  8. Long Nails
Label: Alone

Release: 28.06.2012

Lieferzeit: am Lager


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