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TAINT - All Bees To The Sea CD

TAINT - All Bees To The Sea CD
Statt 12,00 €
Nur 9,50 €
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Statt 23,00 €
Nur 20,00 €
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MOTHERSHIP - Mothership LP
MOTHERSHIP - Mothership LP
Statt 19,00 €
Nur 16,00 €
Sie sparen 16 %
GRAVEYARD - Goliath 7
GRAVEYARD - Goliath 7"
Statt 9,00 €
Nur 7,00 €
Sie sparen 22 %
SAINT VITUS - Lillie: F-65 CD + DVD
SAINT VITUS - Lillie: F-65 CD + DVD
Statt 17,00 €
Nur 15,00 €
Sie sparen 12 %

SEVEN THAT SPELLS - My Mommy Wants To Kiss Your Mamma CD

SEVEN THAT SPELLS - My Mommy Wants To Kiss Your Mamma CD

Statt 15,00 €
Nur 11,00 €
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Art.Nr.: R 012
"The SEVEN THAT SPELLS’ first full-length album, My Mommy Wants To Kiss Your Mamma is a high-intensity, brain-damaged, extreme-instrumental psychedelic freakout. With a marching chime wrapping up a wonderfully unpredictable performance, the music trips out in a strong fashion shifting between obscured space-drones and heavy stone-assaults to elegant guitar filigrees and acid-washed jammings. The tracks segue into each other almost seamlessly, as if they were movements in a single piece, and carry one on a journey so far-fetched and free-spreading, the passenger shall be hard-pressed to catch what happened by the album’s conclusion. The line-up features Stjepan Jurekovic on drums, Tomislav Kalousek on bass, Hrvoje Niksic on synthesizer, and guitarist and leader Niko Potocnjak. The band is at its peak right now, taking their music to new spaces and dimensions, and should be paid careful attention to."


  1. My Mommy Wants To Kiss Your Mamma
  2. Space Cake Overload
  3. Inhale Me / The Pink Garden Of Mistery
  4. Bliss My Cosmic Peach
  5. Merry Mary's Sweet Inferno
  6. Black Liquorice / Tragic Boredom Of The Universe
  7. Naked Harem Flashback
Label: R.A.I.G.


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